Technical Information

The LAB Report

Some internal Information about what we are doing Update

Application Notes

High Voltage Power Supply Design (1) Application Note 1
High Voltage Power Supply Design (2) Application Note 2
Cathode Tapped heaters (V4 tubes) Application Note 6
(In preparation) Designing with the 20B tube Application Note 7
Control Grid Voltage Measurement Methods Application Note 8
Power Supply Design Application Note 9
Recommendations for output transformers Application Note 10
Upgrade a 300B tube Application Note 11

Technical Bulletins

Getter Materials Technical Bulletin 1
Filament Quality Technical Bulletin 2
Current Source Supply for the Filament Technical Bulletin 3
Mains Voltage problems and solutions Technical Bulletin 4
Heater Voltage vs. Tube life Technical Bulletin 5
PX4 Confusion after 90 years resolved Technical Bulletin 6
How to test EML tubes Technical Bulletin 8
Why DC heated tubes can still hum Technical Bulletin 9
Lifetime of the 45 tube - an amazing result Technical Bulletin 10
The White Spark Problem / Cathode Issues Technical Bulletin 11
What makes good tube sound? Technical Bulletin 12

Tests and Projects with EML

EML300B at Ale Moglia's most excellent website  
EML2A3-Mesh on the 2A3 Maniac Blog
EML20A, EML300B, EML5U4G in COLOTUBE amplifier (on 6moons)
EML20B in AMARE MUSICA 'Entropy' amplifier (on 6moons)
EML30A in Trafomatic TARA Amplifier (on Trafomatic site)
EML30 in AMERE MUSICA Amplifier (on 6moons)
EML45 in Yamamoto A08-S (on 6moons)
EML45 compare vs Fullmusic and NOS (on 6moons)
EML45 by Trafomatic (on Trafomatic site)
EML45 in Balancing Act (on head-Fi Forum)
EML45 in FI stereo prototype (on 6moons)
EML45B by DHT Rob Private
EML45 Test, by Srajan Eban (on 6moons)
EML45 Test by Micheal Lavorgna (on 6moons)
EML300B in Border Patrol Amplifier (on 6moons)
EML300B in Art Audio 'Vivo' amplifier (on 6moons)
EML300B-mesh by Triode Dick
EML300B-XLS in Yamamoto A014 amplifier (on 6moons)
EML300B-XLS in Yamamoto A09 Amplifier (on 6moons)
EML300B-XLS in ALLNIC A-6000 amplifier (on 6moons)
EML300B-Mesh om Robertmusic blog Private
EML300B-XLS in ALLNIC AUDIO amplifier (on 6moons)
EML300B-XLS Test, door 'Triode' Dick van de Merwe
EML320B-XLS Test, by Bert Fruitema Private
EML520B Newsflash on 6moons Website (on 6moons)