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Bert Fruitema, 15-April-2004


I would like to let you know something about my experiences with the new 320B XLS powertriode. I designed a pair of monoblocks with this tube, because I wanted to create an amplifier with the sound of the well known 300B, but with more power. PSE and PP can be used to gain more power, but I wanted to keep the detailed and specific sound of one 300B.

320B-XLS amplifierThe parameters of this 320B XLS gave me the possibility to make an SE amplifier with much more power than a single 300B I use an OPT typenumber VDV3025PP, which here in Holland is distributed by Amplimo (www.amplimo.nl) I used these transformers before in different applications. They performed very well in combination with a good tube. The transformer parameters are: 14W at 20Hz and from 30Hz to 40000 Hz the RMS power of more than 20W is available.

My amp type ALFI HQSE 20 delivers proudly, some undistorted 9.3V RMS in a resistive load of 4Ohms, which is 21.62W RMS precisely. The amplifier accurately follows the parameters of the OPT. It gives a very detailed, musical, spacefull and powerful sound. The advantages of SE sound are fully present in the room.

A fantastic tube with a rich, powerful and musical sound. It has got a very nice shape and is very well manufactured. A picture from the Mock-Up of one channel is attached.

Friendly Regards, 
Bert Fruitema

ALFI, The Netherlands

320B-XLS at HiFi Show