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Trafomatic - Serbia
Manufacturer's website

This exceptionally beautiful amplifier by top class designer Sasa Cokic, can switch between 300B standard and 300B mesh.

Audio Phonique, Poland

Audio Phonique 1605-PSE
40 Watt Parallel Single Ended Amplifier

Art Audio USA Scott Bierfeld

Art Audio Elise SE 520B
16w Integrated Amplifier

AD1 Tube amplifier
YS-Audio Nelson Chui
  • AD1 Triode Amplifier.
  • EML30B as driver tube

Exclusive Distributer's website
  • Head Phone Amplifier.
  • Using 20B tubes and Lundhal transformers

Manufacturer's website
  • 'Ruby' XR 300B Reference
  • 2x 38Watt Single Ended. 80 Watt Peak
  • Tubes: 4x EML300B-XLS

Yamamoto Soundcraft
Picture by Greg Drygala
GPOINT AUDIO, United Kingdom
  • A08-S Amplifier
  • Tubes: 2x EML45-Mesh, 2x 717A, 80 Rectifier.

Trafomatic - Serbia
Manufacturer's website
  • ELYSIUM. Class A 20W, Class A1 20-70W
  • Tubes: 250TL, EML20B-V4, EML5Z3-Mesh

Trafomatic - Serbia
Manufacturer's website
  • TARA 30. DHT Pre Amplifier by TRAFOMATIC

Eddie Current - USA
Manufacturer's website

  • Model: 'Balancing Act'
  • Can run on PX4 and 300B (Switch at the back)
  • For speaker or head phone
  • Can be build with several tubes

Thrax Audio - Bulgaria
Manufacturer's website
Goto their: Spartacus Pages

  • Model: 'Spartacus'
  • Mono Blocks based on 2x EML520B-V3 each
  • 2x 70 Watt

Audio Experience -YS Audio
Hong Kong
Manufacturer's website
Goto their: 1605 Pages

  • Model: 'THE REAL 1605SE'
  • Mono Blocks based on EML1605 DHT
  • 2x 25 Watt Single Ended Class A

Amare Musica - Poland
Manufacturer's website
Test review

  • Model: Entrophy
  • Integrated amplifier based on EML20B and EML1605 DHT
  • Silver output transformer
  • 2x 23 Watt Single Ended Class A

Amare Musica -Poland
Manufacturer's website

  • Trinity PSE Triode Mono blocks, featuring:
  • Silver wiring. Silver transformers
  • Tubes per mono block: 2x EML300B-XLS, 2x EML20B, 2 x 5U4G
  • 18 Watt into 4 or 8 Ohms
  • Hours counter

Amare Musica -Poland
Manufacturer's website

  • De-Forest. Class A Preamplifier, with remote Control
  • Main tube: EML30A
  • Tube stabilized power supply with EL84
  • 25dB Gain
  • Hours counter

  • Hans Kortenbach in Holland build custom amps
  • Pair of 2A3-mesh, driven by 20A-Mesh

Trafomatic - Serbia
Manufacturer's website
  • VILOBHA. With 74TL transmitter tube, C3m and EML45 driver
  • 2x 20 Watt Single Ended Triode. Specification sheet

Year 2012. Two Awards for best sound of show

At the German High End Show in Muenich, the Swiss company COLOTUBE has received two awards for the 'Best Sound of Show', using the EML 300B, EML20B driver tube, and EML 5U4G mesh rectifier.

Quoted from 'Rated at 95dB, the Colotube 10wpc amplifiers had an easy job of driving these speaker and did so very well. With just three tubes and avoiding the almost ubiquitous small driver tube by favoring a full-swing 20A instead—proving fearless of higher gain and voltages—the Colotube mono's sounded liberated from the tubular confinement often praised as tube sound. Together with the 5U4G rectifier the driver and power tube are supplied by Emission Labs ®. The tranquility and lightness of this room combined with what we in hindsight realized was our best sound of the show this year'.

* One Award was by the famous Web magazine 6moons LINK HERE
* One Award was by cybwitz LINK HERE



  • Colotube Amplifier with EML tubes 300B, 20A, 5U4G
  • Boenicke Audio W20 Speaker System
  • CH Precision D1 Reference CD/SACD unit
  • Absolute Creations Cables
  • Black Ravioli Absorbers
  • Joplin A/D converter

Year 2012 Award # 2

A Russian National prize 'Product of the year 2012' was won by the company STARLINGBOX using the EML 300B Mesh.

The award was in the category 'Top High End', for the best acoustic system made in Russia.

Organized by the MIDEXPO Company. (Opens in new page)

The company Starlingbox builds a unique system, based on the famous Lowther PM2A drivers, here in a d'Appolito configuration. The driver tubes for the Lowthers are the Emission Labs ®300BM (true mesh wire tubes) giving 5Watt per Channel. High frequency support comes from Fostex Super Tweeters, driven by it's own tube Amplifier, with a 6AG7 tube at 2Watt per channel. Bass support comes from a pair of dipole speakers. The specialty of dipole speaker box is, they can be operated below the resonance frequency of the speaker chassis itself. Thus allowing the use of only 12' speakers, and yet the system can go down to 20Hz. Interesting is, even for 20Hz, the cabinet of a dipole box is the same size as the speaker chassis itself. This explains the relatively small size of these boxes.

These kind words, we received from Dmitry and Alexander Kudriavtsevs, of the company Starling box:

'Our audio acoustics system won won the national prize as the National Top Hi-End Product of the year 2012! You can see some details of our products and the Show events here The most popular Russian journal Stereo/Video in June issue wrote that we had the best sound at the Show. But we couldn't do it without the electronics of our production based on the components delivered by your company. First of all these are the EML 300BM tubes of the unprecedented audio quality. Many of the leading audiophiles and musical experts said that they couldn't imagine that the audio system could sound so natural, delicate and energetic with deep holographic scene. Thank you very much and our congratulations to the designers and engineers from EML!'

In the VIP saloon which is larger than 200m², where was represented another system of our production with twice the power (using 300BXLS from Emission Labs ®).

Starlingbox- Russia
Company website


1- Starlingbox. Loudspeakers with Lowther PM2A drivers, supported by Fostex T925 super tweeter. Frequency range 20Hz..40kHz. Uses two 12' subs in dipole configuration. Sensitivity 102 dB in the upper range and 90 dB in LF range. The power of tube amplifiers is:
Midrange: 5 W (EML 300BM
High range: 2 W (6AG7)
Low range: Active Dipole System, 100 W. This is for a 50 - 60 m2 room.
2 - Esoteric SA-50. SACD player.
3 - SPD Starlingbox. Two inputs, signal distribution and the system gain control.
4 - Starlingbox. BASE amplifier, with Emission Labs ®300BM, SVETLANA 5Z3C black Anodes, VT-231 Tung Sol.
5 - Michell Engineering. Gyro SE Turntable.
6 - Starlingbox. Phono Amp with c3m (from Jacmusic), VT-231 TS round Anodes, SVETLANA 5Z3C black Anode.
7 - Starlingbox. HF amplifier with 6AG7, SVETLANA 5Z3C BP
8 - Vincent. F integrated amplifier
9 - Isotek. Mains Filter

Ocellia - Canada
Manufacturer's website
  • Quaero 300B Triode Amplifier
  • 8 Watt Single Ended Mono block

Eternity Jo - Switserland
Manufacturer's website

Trafomatic - Serbia
Manufacturer's website

Tubesusa- USA
Manufacturer's website
  • Miniwatt Japan. AD1 amplifier by TUBESUSA
  • 2x 4 Watt Single Ended Triode
  • Large size picture

Trafomatic - Serbia
Manufacturer's website
  • Experience One. 2A3 Amplifier by TRAFOMATIC
  • 2x 2.5 Watt Single Ended Triode
  • Youtube Video

Woo Audio - USA
Manufacturer's website
  • EML 300B-MESH + EML5U4G-Mesh, in WA5 Headphone and Speaker amplifier
  • Product by WOO Audio, USA
  • Large size picture
  • Product Review

Colotube - Switserland
Manufacturer's website
  • EML 300B + EML20AMesh + EML5U4G mesh Mono bloc.
  • 10 Watt Sinus per Channel.
    Product by COLOTUBE, Switzerland
  • class="Standard-Text Stil1">Large size picture
  • Product Review

Koiei - Japan
  • EML 320B + EML30A Mono block 18...25 Watt per Channel, with only two triodes, for one complete amplifier.
  • Product by Kouei Corporation Japan
  • Large size picture

Sound Tradition - USA
Manufacturers website
  • 2x 50 Watt Mono blocks by Isao Asakura from Sound Tradition USA.
  • Factory equipped with EML1605 tubes, and Hashimoto Transformers.
  • Large size picture

Tron - United Kingdom
Manufacturer's website

Yamamoto Soundcraft - Japan
Manufacturer's website

  • EML 274B used in All -Tube stabilized power Supply. 
    Product by Kouei Corporation Japan
  • Large size picture
  • Moth Audio, USA
  • 45 Single Ended SPECS
  • Large size picture
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