Important Note for non-USA users of AT1000

When you live outside the USA, read this. Otherwise you can skip it. What is 'forgotten' to warn you for, in the AT1000 manual and software, is a serious error in the software, with the country settings. It simple means, this tester is not working well outside the USA. It can make extreme errors with normal testing, and by all means it can not draw tube curves. (They will look like triangles).

So the AT1000 only works when you set the computer to USA country schedule. Which will give problems with other programs like Excel for instance. Also you need to set your PC to display numbers like: 1.22 so not 1,22. Only like that, AT1000 will work in the computer mode. It may appear to work at first, but it can make bad errors. HOWEVER changing number format and country settings is a wrong thing to do for all your other software, and the whole PC will work improperly. The solution is to set up a new account for this in windows, and call this acount for instance 'AMPLITREX'. Use this account only for the AT1000, and you can use American format in this acount for date and numbers. Yet leave your normal acount unchanged.

Please contact Amplitrex directly for any support with this.