Guarantee Conditions of Emission Labs tubes

This is what we give guarantee on:

Standard Guarantee, without registration:

Extended guarantee, with online registration.


Additional costs:

This is excluded from the guarantee:

Some small notes in general: Warrantee and Guarantee is often misunderstood.

Warrantee basically says you have the right to receive what you have bought. If not so, the seller becomes responsible. For logical reasons this responsibility ends after some time, and is between the seller and the buyer. Like when we say the tube base is of ceramic, but it appears to be plastic, this is covered by the warrantee. So when a product was received as described, warrantee is not be going to help against defects which develop later. This is where guarantee comes in, and it is normally more what you need.

Guarantee is the promise of the manufacturer to repair or replace a product, in case of a defect, for which the buyer and seller are not responsible. The guarantee period may be shorter or longer as the warrantee period.