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How it all began

Emission Labs was founded in May 2000, with production in the Czech Republic. Our roots have come a long way, and the factory was initially run by former Tesla Employees and former Vaic employees. Over the years, we have given a lot of attention to becoming fully self supporting, and independent from any other company.

Anton (right) and Jac (left) at the official handshake for the cooperation, in May 2000.

What makes a good product?

A product has: A price, specifications, quality, and availability. For any product, these elements always balance with each other in a particular way. Each company focusses on one of these elements first .

Our target

We want to supply the best sounding triodes, with the highest possible mechanical and electrical quality. Also we try to keep all products available as long as we can. So if you design an amplifier with an EML tube now, you can feel confident to recommend this product to your customers and friends now and later, as they can buy our tubes in the future as well. No company can maintain a high quality level, without profitability. Meaning, high volume business at low price, is not what we are after. It is rather we would like to be our tubes to be the longest lasting on the market. To make this more than just words, we have installed the 5-Years guarantee program in 2013.

How do we get there?

We work the traditional way, and we have all critical processes in house. Like this, we depend as little as possible on other companies for technical support. We use hard metal for all critical parts of the tube, and produce every part and piece part ourselves. Also we hold a large safety stock for all materials which are critical to buy, or which are subject to strong price changes. This starts with the complete glasswork, and even for the pins of the tube base we have our own tools. Like this, we achieve reproducible quality, and don't get surprized by material sourcing problems.

Quality is a promise to keep

It was one of the elements we agreed upon from the very beginning. We have a promise to keep, and long term data is going to prove it. The promise is for quality, and quality means the product will give satisfaction on the LONG term. To keep the promise, we have a guarantee program which is probably the finest you can have for vacuum tubes. Quality, life time, use hours, and problems, are all in relation to each other. No products is perfect, but failures if they come, should be 'early' failures, or 'late' (end-of-life) failures. For a very good product, few or no failures should happen in between. Quality is generally defined like that, and vacuum tubes are no exception. So, If a tube works still fine after some years of regular use, likely it will work fine for many years after, unless catastrophic failures may appear, like broken off sockets, a glass crack, or other vacuum problems. So to keep the promise, we decided to cover the 'late' failures up to five years. Click this link to read the official guarantee conditions.

Quality. Where are we now?

We believe our tubes like 45 and 300B have now the same quality as the best NOS tubes in every respect. We are proud to say, that our 45 tubes have lower noise than most NOS tubes, and we have an overall defect rate with all of our tubes of less than 0,5%. Such a failure rate may be high for resistors or transformers, but it is very low for glass items. Moreover, for specific type numbers we are even at a full 0% now. Those who have experience with DHT tubes, will know what it takes to reach this number. Our product range reaches from mono and dual rectifiers, or a small tube like the Type 45, to the very large DHT triodes like the EML 1605.

Our future plans

We have no plans for limit breaking products, as some have tried before, unsuccessfully. The most important for EML has always been quality, and only on this platform we develop new products. We plan no changes to our existing tubes. They don't need that, and we make them the same way triodes were build ever since they were invented. We think with HiFi tubes, our users prefer classical products, in highest perfection, and this is what we will concentrate on. We want to stay what we are. A small, technical oriented company, making products the traditional way, with the highest possible quality standard.

On the other hand, EML would not be EML if we do not present from time to time something interesting. Yet, this will never be an experiment. We have many single sourced tubes, and we want the user to be confident what is available now, is available in the future as well. So yes, we have some new tubes in the pipeline, but we do not stress quick developments. With these new products we want to use our existing technology the best possible way. May be you know the saying that most inventions are just a cross fertilization of old technologies. This is just how we see this too, and specially in vacuum technology one MUST think that way. There is so much existing tube technology, and this is all we need for our tubes.