Guarantee Conditions

This is what we give guarantee on:

  • The factory test data is guaranteed to repeat when you receive new tubes.

Standard Guarantee, without registration:

  • 12 months or 2000 hours whatever comes first

Guarantee by the manufacturer, with online registration.

  • Five years guarantee in case of bad vacuum, mechanical issues or catastrophic defects.
  • expected lifetime.

Guarantee Conditions:

  • With postal shipment, the guarantee begins with the date of receival.

Additional costs:

  • When shipping tubes, buyer and seller each pay their own shipment cost.
  • We charge 10% of the actual list price from 4....12 months
    We charge 40% of the actual list price from 13 months, until the end of the 5th year.

This is what we do not give guarantee on:

  • Tubes not burned-in by the instructions. (Instructions are in tubes box).
  • More about it here
  • Tubes that have been cryogenically treated.
  • More about it here. More about it here